Deloitte Car Consulting

The Deloitte Car Consulting team has broad experience of working with organisations to design and deliver cost effective car fleet solutions. Our Car Consulting team has experience of working with organisations in both the private and public sectors in their capacity as an employer and directly with the fleet management industry, delivering both consultancy support and technology (desktop and web based) solutions.

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We can assist with:

  • Corporate fleet reviews (including lease or purchase decisions);
  • International corporate fleet reviews;
  • Design and implementation of company car fleets on a “whole life cost” basis;
  • Design and implementation of company car and salary sacrifice schemes (FLEX Cars);
  • Technology for the successful delivery and operation of these schemes to employees;
  • Facility for the inclusion of multi-lessor price comparison in above schemes;
  • Employee selection tool to assist with “car vs cash” decisions;
  • Private fuel review and “buy out”;
  • Optimising the payment of cash allowances and business fuel reimbursement to reduce costs (SMART Miles);
  • External market benchmarking;
  • Fleet policy development;
  • RFP / procurement support; and
  • Employee communication and FAQ material.

To find out how we can help your business, please contact Mike Moore, Simon Down or Dan Rees and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.


Software suite: Cartax Fleet Analysis Suite Software suite: Cartax Fleet Analysis Suite

The multiplicity of fleet funding solutions in today's marketplace coupled with the need to take account of individual employee lifestyle choices mean that the off the shelf, one size fits all approach with the aim of achieving optimum value for money, efficiency and effectiveness leads businesses up a cul-de-sac.

That is why Deloitte has developed Cartax Fleet Analysis Tools, the market leading fleet analysis software suite, that treats companies and employees as individual entities to provide the optimum solution every time, whatever the situation. Read more >>



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